Nag Tibba the perfect weekend


Nag tibba is an enticed destination for jaunting, it is the highest peak in the lesser Himalayan region situated in Uttrakhand (gharwal division). Situated at the maximum altitude of 9915ft. the trek difficulty level is easy to moderate, great for the beginners as well. The best time to avail the beauty of nag tibba range is round the year except at the time of monsoon the trail gets slippery and it becomes difficult to trek but the lush green forest is eye-catching and montane mountainous view in the winters. The name nag tibba came from history and it is believed that this use to be the abode of Nag devta and local people uses to come here to pray for the safety of their cattle.

Nag Tibba
Nag Tibba

To reach nag tibba you need to take a bus from Kashmiri gate and reach Dehradun  then take another local bus/cab to reach pantwari which is 85km away from Dehradun.dehradun is well connected by all the cities from there you need to book a bus/cab to reach nainbagh from there you can get cab, taxi to pantwari In between, you can witness the beauty of Mussoorie, Dehradun and other villages surrounded around with there mesmerizing beauty. mountains, waterfalls, trees, snow, the forest of deodars, snowy snow they have there own charm to win the hearts of people and give a sense of contentment.

You can also get there by train- from Delhi to Dehradun railway station. Mussoorie is 36km away from the station.

By air: take a direct flight from Delhi to Dehradun

 Things to carry :

  1. Carry a water bottle with you
  2. Some energy bars, snacks, protein bars
  3. Waterproof jackets or raincoat
  4. A good quality shoes
  5. Powerbank
  6. Basic necessities- sanitizer, medical kit, toiletries.

 Nag tibba trek has various routes from where you can reach the summit one is the starting the trek from devalsari from where the summit is 11km and another one is starting from aunter village from where the distance is 6-7km. All the routes and points are well marked for the convenience of trekkers. And the route that is mostly preferred and the busiest and chosen by most of the trekkers is the

panthwari village. the trek can be easily completed in 2 days. Depends on the point where you start you may need to have a permit from the forest department.

‘He should know that  landscape has beauty for his eye because it expresses a thought which is to him good; and this, because of the same power which sees through his eyes, is seen in that spectacle.”

You can start your summit from base camp at pantwari, which at the distance of  60km from Mussoorie. Starting the trek in the midst of mountain, dense forest. the trail towards the nag tibba which has strikingly beautiful views moreover there will some points in between a reservoir of stream water and moving ahead then you will be spotting a bunch of thatched-roofed huts, lined with terrace farmlands. coming across Goat village- an eco-tourism resort. In a while, you are going to reach nag tibba summit from where you can have the view of Himalayan peaks of Bandar punch, black peak, Swarga Rohini, black peak, doon valley, Srikanth, chanabang, Kedarnath.

This is the best part of the trek and forever memorable moments.

The next day descending back towards the pantwari village with the bewitching beauty of the trail and village. heading back to Dehradun with a wonderful experience. This is the must-have a trek for everyone who loves snow, mountains, greenery and experience the thrill and fun that this trek has to offer.

Plan your trek with good tour operators to enjoy to the fullest and make this trek imperishable journey.

Some important points to keep in mind:

  1. Have your meals at regular intervals, please don’t skip.
  2. Keep yourself hydrated
  3. If you suffer from mountain sickness so carry your medicines and other required thins with you.
  4. Don’t take shortcuts safety is the first priority
  5. Be with a group always and listen to trek guide

Go travel because you can travel and explore the beauty of mother nature.


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