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Do you know that SEO is main part for your website.  Good On-page SEO  is needed  for ranking on Any search engine especially google.   So We need to focus on the secret seo tips and the Keywords, also some rules and regulations too.

Which is not mandatory but really helpful if we follow it properly.   So lets discuss about some  secret tips Which will help you for Good SEO. Both On-page and Off-page SECRET SEO TIPS will be discussed.

so without wasting anytime valuable time lets jump into the topics.

First thing First –

Tips No -1 .   Site Time Up :  Site Time ups means Good hosting which is less in down time through out the                                                    day 24X7 365  days.  means Always up time with high bandwidth high speed page loaded capabilities.



Why so ,  A website is more user friendly and low bounce back rate is essential for good ranking.  Google try to show those website on first page which are really fast lowest of the lowest downtime and have less bounce rate. IF we use any good hosting which capable both page will load faster and visitor will not go away without surfing the page, at least surfing time of your page  website will be increased.  In This way your ranking will maintain good position.

Tips No -2Back links:  One of the Best way to rank your web page on google search engine or any search

                        engine ,  create back links from good website as much as possible in a moderate way.

More good Back links help you to rank quickly.   There are two types Dofollow back links and nofollow back links .


Do follow back links are humanly  accessible as well as search engine bot can easily access it.
Do follow back link giving us and also search engine juice and back link.  Webmaster tools linking back to you giving both search engine and human beings , will be able to follow your website.

No follow link  does not have such capabilities.  only human being are able to follow it , and have not pass the link juice. The weighted of this kind no follow link is really less.

Tips No- 3. Contact  us Page :   Contact us page have great importance.  Google prefer real website than                                                                         spamming websites.  Some fraudulent  spamming website have their own policies, they build their website for their nasty purposes.  So they don’t provide  their viewer visitor their original Identity , have no communications link up.  In this portions Google prefer those website those who have good additional pages like , Contact us, Privacy policy, Disclaimer , About us etc.

 If any website have all those pages, particularly Contact Us ,  it will help for visitor to communicate with website Admin easily.  It will shows good re-liabilities and genuineness over all visitor.
So whenever you built a website  ensure that their must be a Contact us Page.

Tips No-4.   LSI Keywords :-     What does LSI mean ?  What does LSI stand for?  Actually LSI means  – Latent                                                                        Semantic Indexing , Not a synonyms.  Lots of People have miss conception about this LSI keyword.  Actually LSI keywords are those keywords are simply words which found most of the time, because it have the power to share same content over internet. At least they have more similarities for context.

lets take an Example  Apple and ituens Mac etc are LSI keywords both denote same context but they are not synonyms. Basically LSI keywords , Search suggestions are visible at the end of the search page of google.
So whenever writing a post find more LSI keyword  Along with targeted keywords.  

Tips No – 5.  Image : –  Google prefer Images a lots. All your website text along with Image would be great                                                               combinations  of  a good SEO.  Human being also have more visual strength that text.   
Image ranked on google more quickly as because google search engine index image with alt and captions and image file name with  keywords.
So As from now please do changes your image posting habits which will bring you good results.

Few points to be noted while posting on image —
1. Always post your Image using targeted keywords.
2. Use Alt Tags as keywords.
3. Use captions and descriptions .

Tips – No-6.  Direct traffic :  Direct traffics means, when user visit any website if they type the address on address

                                                   bar and directly open the website it called direct traffics.  Direct traffic  Generally prefer google and increase website ranking higher than ever.  As because Google have chrome browser and lots of people use it. 

Google collects information directly and uses for analyze of the product and develop accordingly.  In this way google easily find out which is better what should they have to do.  So please try to build your website with targeted keywords so that it can be catchy, people can easily remember open your site directly from address bar.

Tips – No- 7.  Comments :   Comments  on your post  is really valuable. When your site have more organic traffic and                                                     they leave a comments, google search engine love its lots.  Web crawler crawl more and index key words from comments sections and show in the search option while anyone search it on website.  
In this is way healthy comments are really useful and beneficial for your website  page  ranking or indexing.

comments more comments chance of higher ranking and more traffic. Number of comments are directly proportional to Google ranking. Keeping this fact in mind we need to plan our goal  so more visitor came on your website.  Organic traffic increases on your sites.

So you need to create your post such a way that visitor will leave  their opinions in comments sections.  Also you need to keep in mind that you need to reply those comments as well.  As it will help you creating bonding between you and your viewer.  And this bonding and genuine relationships really love google search engine, it will help you quickly ranking on google search result page.

Tips -No- 8.  Page Age:  Google love old post contents most. If you have an web post which is let say 4-5 years                                                           google love it. And also google love even more which is updated old post time to time.  So when you write  new post with target keywords it is good.  But Please keep in mind that and don’t forget to keep updating your post most frequently so that your old post may update. Which will be more helpful and better ranking.

So these was few more points and   SECRET SEO TIPS which will definitely guide you through, and channelize your website for better ranking if you follow it step by step in a proper manner.

So guys please leave a comments on this topics, and share your comments and suggestions so that this content will help more better ways to the novice. Share your thoughts and share your experience with us and if you feel you need help, please leave your query in bellow comments box we  will definitely give you reply  as quickly as possible.

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