How to google reverse image search on your Mobile phone


How to do google reverse image search on your Mobile phone

Google Reverse Image search is next level searching techniques developed by the Google  Team. It is a fantastic technology using a simple few clicks you can search that particular image which is visually similar around the entire web.

Since a long time, we are familiar with text search.  We can search for anything using text over google or any search engine like Yahoo, Bing search, Yandex search, etc. Latter on Google introduced voice search capabilities. Using Google Apps on Any Android phone or any, I phone we can use google voice search easily.

But nobody even knows that we can quickly reverse image search using any image or pics or image URL on google image search box.

You need to upload a photograph from directly from your desktop or laptop computer to the google images,  and it will show you related image overall entire web and websites that are used similar photos instantly.

It will also show the results just like lightening speed,  with different size of the same photo related to the targeted searched pics in different sizes and shapes,  very quickly.

Who uses google reverse image search  Or Direct image search on Google?

Journalist: Those who are very smart and tech-savvy they use this Brilliant technique reverse image search silently. They never miss any king opportunity, which is advance and time-saving and easy to use.
A journalist uses a reverse search option most.  To find out the source of an image easily and quickly, they often use it secretly on their working desk.  They do it because they might have to produce an accurate result or compare the details that when the image exactly posted on the internet?

Image reverse search or Reverse image is the cutting edge tools and a boon for all journalist to beat the competitors and to increase their TV channel TRP easily.  Also, they use google reverse image search for original content and need to have to give credit to its original authors.

Blogger: Blogger has handy tools work like a charm and boon for them.   Google reverse image search is the key to success every blogger use in their daily works.  Blogger needs to up-to-date regular basis from time to time so that they can be aware of what happening around the worlds.
Millions and billions of Pics and pictures are being uploaded in every day. So sometimes if they want to find the details of any Pictures, they go to the  Google image and reverse search it using google reverse image search link.

Matrimonial Sites Admins:  Some times, Matrimonial sites use this reverse search image facility for cross verification. In this way, the “Search by image” quickly detect fake uploads, and they can ban those profile soon to make the community cleaner and healthier.

Travelers:  If you are one them and love to travels Here and there, use cameras drones to capture pics, then you must have acquired this super knowledge. This time-saving Google’s reverse image search will kill your tensions and solve your curiosity mind while you are lies in confusions.  The reverse image explains your confusion just by a click, and it can help you find the locations of those pics taken from.

Ordinary People: It is boon for common people too, Who knows how to use google reverse image search in the right way.   If they found any pictures but they do not have any proper information like names date or where the photos coming from they can easily find it out.  Google’s  Reverse Search is useful for verifying the source of any Photographs, Telegram Images, WhatsApp Images, Facebook messenger Images, Screenshots, and any pics or memes shared  Facebook group like can easily be founded by thus feature reverse search.
Some times reverse image search solves the pics of any botanical flowers or fruits, or any kinds of weeds or tree leaves quickly.  Google now has robust photo scanning systems also developed using google image search facility. Google database gaining strength day by day.

How does it work?

You may be surprised that Google’s Search by image’  feature was only available for laptop and desktop computer only, But now there are tricks, Here Reverse photos search can be straightforward. Just follow these steps ……

Step 1: – visit google and Type “google images”  on the Chrome browser installed on your  Android mobile phone.  If not installed then install it before proceeding

Step -2 Now click on that URLs =  or visit here from directly.

Step -3   Now  Go to the triple-dot of that Chrome Android browser and click on Desktop mood.

Step -4   Or now click on Camera button where You can see ” Search by image” if you hover your mouse button on desktop or click on that “Camera Button”  on your mobile phone.

Step – 5  Now clicking After that, there will be two options available.
                                                     A.  “Paste Image Url”
                                                                           B. Upload an image.


You can choose anyone.  If you want to solve the pics that your friends have sent you on your WhatsApps or Facebook message then download it in your gallery and using Step No- 5 Methods B you can upload your image directly.

Now wait for upload, and after a few moments, it will send you the results page   WOW!  Now you can check the most relevant image source and solve the puzzle within Minutes.


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