Intraday trading – Trade with Levels

Intraday trading - Trade with Levels

317 ViewsHello Friends-  Hope your are doing well in your trading life. Welcome to sites and my youtube channel for  Live intraday trading videos  in NSE BSE in Indian Stock market using Tradingview chart in Zerodha and Sharekhan trade tiger . Click Here For  Live level Scanner :– Intraday Trading is one of the … Read more

Nox player files transfer new tricks


488 ViewsNOX PLAYER ONE OF THE BEST ANDROID EMULATOR. Nox player one of the most sophisticated really useful android emulator. nox player emulator can be installed on any widows pc or computer. You can download nox player or above from file hippo or directly from it’s official website bignox. nox player for windows 10 … Read more

Happy Mahashivaratri 2019

Happy Mahashivaratri 2019

317 ViewsTo day is MahaShivaratri. In this auspicious occasion I wish to congratulate to all my dear and near one , I Pray to Lord Shiva May Lord gives you Peace Happiness and Prosperity , Gives You Divine peace and strength. All you Body Mind and Spirit Be enlighten with Supreme knowledge and blessing from … Read more

Why I love my India? What makes India A Great Nation ?– भारत एक महान देश क्यों है ?

Why India is Great Nation, What makes India A Great Nation ?-- भारत एक महान देश क्यों है ?

1,181 ViewsHindustan हिंदुस्तान India इंडिया आखिर यह देश महान क्यों है? Why ? Why is India Great? because India has world’s second largest population 1.32 billion?? poverty is a significant issue of is country? यह हमारा Systems , Political Issues, Poverty, Nepotism Women Empowerment, Lack of Educations, Demonetization…. Right ?? NO NO NO… नहीं नहीं नहीं….. Akshay … Read more

Whole India Celebrating revenge , but former CM said this is This is true jahaalat

492 ViewsINDIA TOOK REVENGE AFTER PULWAMA ATTACK ON 14th FEB 2019.  The former Chief Minister of Jammu and Kashmir has made a statement about India’s action on Pakistan.She said that educated people are also happy over the possibility of war. This thing is bothering me. This is true jahaalat. India took revenge of the Pulwama … Read more

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