Whole India Celebrating revenge , but former CM said this is This is true jahaalat



The former Chief Minister of Jammu and Kashmir has made a statement about India’s action on Pakistan.
She said that educated people are also happy over the possibility of war. This thing is bothering me. This is true jahaalat.

India took revenge of the Pulwama terror attack and destroyed many terrorist camps in Balakot, Pakistan. This operation was executed by the Indian Air Force.
After this action of India, the former Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti has given a statement on the entire country. He said that educated people are also happy over the possibility of war. This thing is bothering me. This is true jahaalat.

Mehbooba has tweeted on India’s counter-response. The former Chief Minister of Jammu and Kashmir said that after the strike of the Indian Air Force, tweeter and news channel had a large scale war frenzy. Worse, the educated people are also happy over the possibility of war. This is true jahaalat.

She said that if my retaliation is unnecessary and if people question my nationalism, then it will be so. I will take the side of peace and instead of knowing hundreds, I will take sides to save the Life.

We don’t know why she was talking about, whys she was worries about  Jihadist of Pakistani Terrorist  to save them , We don’t know why she want to save those terrorist who killed 44 brave CRPF Jawan in Pulwama on 14th feb 2019 using 200Kg RDX and heinous cowardice fidayeen attack.

She said that the Pulwama attack has undermined the atmosphere of the country. People are longing for blood and want to take revenge. But don’t forget that violence itself gives birth to violence.

She said that only hope and prayer can be strong that the good spirit prevails soon. How much more damage to Jammu and Kashmir? For how long we will suffer the worst.

The former CM said that since Pakistan has claimed that despite the violation of the LoC by the Indian Air Force, there is no information about the casualties of anybody, they should adopt a harmonious approach to move forward. Alternatively, the unstable situation will be out of control and as always Kashmiri will be the most casualty.

At the same time, former IAS officer and now National Conference leader Shah Decision has also tweeted on India’s action. After the Pulwama attack 45 Indian Army personnel were killed. Thousands of Kashmiris targeted violence against them. Communal polarization

The situation of the war between India and Pakistan Potential election benefits for right-wing forces in India Who will win and who will lose? How can tomorrow’s mourners become cheerleaders of today’s violence? It is war-fighting, glorification of violence, logic of the need for violence for political benefits, all of which are against the basic values ​​of humanity.

Why not Sir, When Pakistan give support and shelter towards JeM terrorist group , and they send their fidayeen  terrorist to kill our Brave Jawan,  Our Indian Brave soldiers also have capabilities to give their answer with their way.  Don’t forget Indian Army Indian Air forces and Indian Navy is ready to take revenge.

Don’t forget uri and Surgical strike, and This is just beginning Sir,   Entire films will release soon.  keep watching.

Jai Hind.
Celebrate How is the Joysh —-  Very High Sir.

And for those anti Nationalist – How is the Jaish —    Jaish Blasted sir,  Jiash has buried by IAF on their own diged grave.

Jai Hind  , Bharat  Mata ki Jai.


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