Mission Shakti India tested ASAT missile and joined in elite group


Today is one of the Historical day , History has been created today.  India successfully test fires anti satellite missile  ASAT and the mission was successful.

Today on 27th March 2019, India joined the elite group of countries that have successfully tested anti satellite missile
ASAT, destructive weapon that target and destroy Enemies satellite in space. india successfully test fires anti satellite missile today, makes every indian proud.

Today our honorable Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced this special news conference addressing the Nations some press conference at 12 o’clock.

Every Indian should feel proud news.

During this crucial important mission – Named “Mission Shakti” , India target its own decommission satellite, and successfully destroyed in space in LEO orbit , 3 minute using anti satellite missile or A-SAT weapons.

And by this India has become 4th nation in the world United States, China and Russia, demonstrated power in the field of of anti- satellite missile capability shooting down by their own de-functioned their own satellite.

Special address to the nation, PM MODI, described it values and rear achievement that put our country India in an integral part of of space super Powers.

He said ” in the journey of every Nation there are moments that bring out most pride and have a historic impact one generation to come. One such moment is today. Every Indian should be proud for it”

He said enable tourist to the nation on television radio social media, “India has successfully state Anti-satellite missile (ASAT). Congratulation to everyone on the success of #missionShakti”.

A quick at the successful test which has been made by the other country:–


CHINA :- January 11, 2007 2000, successfully destroyed a defect Chinese Weather Satellite named FY-1C.
This defunctions was carried out using ASAT – SC-19 missile and targeted 750Kg massed FC-1C STATELITE altitude of more than 865km from the earth surface.
On a head- on collision this deductioned satellite has be destroyed in it’s orbit successfully. This was the first successful test fire by anti satellite missile china and make them first capable country and success in the research programme field of anti satellite missile china projects.

US – US also succesfully destroyed USA-193 satellite, It was carried out on the day of 20th February 2008.
Reports says that this satellite was destroyed from being spread health risk to persons due to 450kg toxic
hydrazine fuel stored on it.

RUSSIA – AND THE third nations who has succesfully tested its ASAT test is Russia. On November 18 , in 2015 , PL-19 Nudol was tested successfully. After that first test another 3-4 test has been successfully tested by RUSSIA in the time frame of 2016 to 2018 . 23 December.

Mission Shakti was Indian fame, our great scientist from DRDO’s has prove their capabilities once again.
They used Indian own de-functioned satellite. Currently DRDO was working with its ongoing vital research programme ballistic missile defence programme. few days ago ISRO was launched 104 satellite in space in a single missions.India has a long standing andrapidly growing space programme, which is really exapanded very rapidly last few years giving us pride and Dignity in Worlds. We are proud that India is presenting her capabilities in front of the worlds and doing all the things for peace growth and prosperity.
As an Indian we are very proud for it and have lots of thanks for those brilliant scientist who successfully test fires anti satellite missile and make this projects into success. A great salute for for those who make us capable of making anti satellite missile india using own technology.

Jai Hind.

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