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Has Mejortorrent closed? The alternatives of mejor torrent

Mejortorrent is one of the best well known and loved torrent download sites around the world. Funny things are that this website does not have any kind of internal storage file, but Mejor torrent works through P2P program facilities for exchange between users, who are willing to connect with each other for downloading movies online (mejortorrent peliculas)

Unfortunately, this kind of web, which is free to download (descargas gratuitas), is not legal, so its time and life on the Internet is limited better to say it’s life is very short since the authorities usually close it quickly.

A few months ago Mejortorrent closed, leaving its users in dark unable to watch or download movies online (descargar películas online), any of their favorite torrent files which are famous has been explained here so please go through this article completely.

In this article we will show you, world top and the best alternatives to Mejortorrent 2020 – 2020 that are currently available online and serving their duty towards their valuable visitors, so you can download both video and audio files that you need (descargue los archivos de video y audio que necesita).

But first I’m going to give you some. Downloads of this type of files are not safe. (Las descargas de este tipo de archivos desde este tipo de sitios no son seguras.).
Every time you make downloads of this type, the risks you run are very great. P2P networks are those in which two computers connect to each other,(Las redes P2P, son aquellas en la que dos ordenadores se conectan entre sí) to produce a download, at the time of this active connection, they can take advantage to enter your PC and obtain any type of important information from it.


The probability of downloading corrupted or infected files is higher and can cause your computer to stop working properly. These are the dangers you face on any of these websites, that is why we warn you how you can reduce these risks.

  • Use an ad blocker: A blocker for your browser, it is a joy for any user of this type of pages , although in some of them they do not let you download or view online (descargar o ver en línea), if you have it activated. This is because these websites make a living from advertising (publicidad), and they are not interested in having the ad blocker activated.
  • Use VPN for torrent: (Usa VPN para torrent) This tool is used to protect your identity and your online privacy. Prevent other users from seeing your email, IP or more relevant sensitive data. Note that not all are compatible with torrent downloads ( la descarga de torrent).
  • Use an antivirus: You will be able to detect that a file is dangerous and quarantine or delete it.
  • Read user reviews: Users who visit these pages usually notify other people if the document that is available for download is infected.  If you see that in the comments they advise you not to download, just in case you don’t.

List of alternatives to Mejortorrent, best P2P websites.

It is a copy of Elitetorrent, so if you were looking for an alternative equal to Mejortorrent (alternative equal to Mejortorrent), look no further than this one. I can assure you that you can enjoy all the updated releases, games, music, documentaries, etc (updated releases, games, music, documentaries, etc). Of the best, there is, prepare popcorn because you have hours of fun on this website.


This website has been giving away the best free links to its users for many years . Right now when you enter it redirects you to another domain, because the responsible authorities closed this website . It offers you different categories of torrents, such as video, games, software or audios. :

If you are looking for subtitled original version movie files with great video and audio quality, (Si está buscando archivos de películas en versión original subtitulada con excelente calidad de video y audio) this is your website. It is organized by gender, and its home is quite clear and intuitive. I would recommend that you have an ad blocker.


Characterized by having an updated database to be able to offer quality content and not stop growing every day . You will surely enjoy this website and you will come back constantly thanks to its current updates . Its design is designed to make it easy for you, with a search bar where you can easily access it, to find what you want. From here you can download a wide variety of content from series, movies and even TV shows. :

Known by its users for being similar to Netflix but with torrent files. It is an application, compatible with Windows, Mac or Android and IOS. With this application once installed on our computer or mobile, we can see or search for torrent files. In an easy way, you will enjoy a great variety of Bolly4u movies with great video quality and even 3D.

Its strong point according to my experience is that there are no ads within the application, you can be watching your favorite files, without the annoying interruptions of advertising.  This is one of the best alternatives to Mejortorrent. :

From the moment you enter, they recommend using VPN as you can see in the image. In the home you find a search bar, and several categories. Its operation is similar to that of any search engine. Contains the latest download trends, torrent web pages.  It contains ads so prepare your browser with an ad blocker. :

Its operation is very easy, you enter and choose the category of the file you are looking for. Within the categories is, movies, tv, music, news, etc. Then type in the name of the file you want to find. It has a large number of links available.  Don’t forget to protect your privacy on all these pages with a VPN. :

Because the authorities have intervened the web, they have decided to transfer the entire web to an internet district with more security and much faster . In order to access, they leave you all the indications on the home page of the web . Torrenthound is a worldwide bittorrent search engine. It has more than 8 million uploads and more than 200 million downloads. Don’t download anything without using VPN.

👉 What alternatives are there to BestTorrent/ mejortorrent ?

Answering this question is simple, and although I know it is easy to imagine that you could make a list and save it and that’s it, the truth goes further. mejortorrent torrent magnet

These types of platforms are mostly illegal so closures are applied continuously, that’s why you will have to go back to the post to see the updated content from time to time. When can I see premieres of BestTorrent movies?

From the first moment that a movie touches the box office at its premiere, this type of website begins to upload download links, the task of finding a valid one is difficult, since the competition to put its users link is very high, It is also when they are most at risk, I advise not to run to look for the premieres and wait.

Despite everything you can find extended info in this post. Where do I find the best torrent (mejortorrentseries)?

To facilitate the answer to your question, I have prepared an article on Megadede, formerly known as Plusdede, which focuses on SERIES, and includes a list of options.🤯 Is it legal to use Best mejor Torrent(mejortorrent)?

The exchange of P2P files is in principle totally legal, the problem comes when said works have copyright.


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