Secrets of Stock quotes reading


Secret of stock quotes reading : 11+ Secret techniques will make you a pro Trader

Stocks Quotes is the only screener which will tell you that exact scenario of any trading instruments. It will  always disclose best possible opportunity to us depending on   Buyers Demand and Sellers Supply and their activities correctly.

But some times due to lack of knowledge or negligence we ignore it otherwise this tape reading, tick reading techniques will make us a successful trader in Intraday trading no doubt in it, isn’t it?
Many Successful trader know these secret which is kept in it , and use wisely while trading in Intraday in Indian Stock market.

There are many possible way to read and interpret Live stock quotes. We will Discuss all those secrets and learn the various methods way How  to read stock quote table. Today we will disclose    Secret of Stock quotes reading which will make you  like a pro trader.

Before proceeding further we need to Know first:-

What are stock quotes ? 

While live session stocks exchanges shows real time stocks price which is quoted on the Exchange as the stocks are brought and  sold through out  sessions.  A stocks quote is price of stocks which
is quoted on exchange by which Buyers and sellers take their decisions on the basis of these stocks quotes. Stocks quotes also equipped with many others statistics.

In India two major stock exchanges Like BSE and NSE Provide only Best five quotes BID & ASK/Offer Price along with Order number and quantity.

just Look at Bellow Image

It is Zerodha Kite quote dashboard  Many terminal many Broker provide different way to display Best five quotes.

Secrets of Stock quotes reading
Secrets of Stock quotes reading

Like Fyers have DOM feature enabled mood. Which is mostly called Market ladder.

just give look at it..

DOM – represent Depth of the Market have special kind of easy to access order placement facility along with stocks quotes details, which will help you if you are an Intraday Trader.

Secrets of Stocks quotes reading with DOM
Secrets of Stocks quotes reading with DOM

It’s said that… Basic pattern is always same.
In here it ‘s also no major different..

lets discuss about how to read stocks quote like a Pro trader.

Basically Reading stocks quotes is called tick reading. Reading tick by ticks data on its best quotes dialog box will help you to take decisions taking trade.

here are few observations which will help you a lots.

Left side of it called Bid and right side of quote is called Ask or Offers . or You may take it as BUY – BID || ASK or SELL or Offer , it is denoted or displayed in many brokers platform in a different nominations. But meaning is same.

Here we will take it as BID||OFFERS .

Now in Intraday trading tick reading in live quote is very important; it will help you place your order and trend directions can be find out from it.

Few observations of Reading quotes that We found during Intraday trading.

  1. If offers quantity is very big in quantity but easily traded or executed in few moments and market price of any stocks goes up up and Up creating new highs means, trend is up, and Some                       Big hand is started buying at market price.

2. If offers volume shows in Kite have big and easily traded then it can be seen price will jump within few moments in upsides. As because Demand is too high than Supply and those who are                 participating in markets thinks that price will be more higher and higher due to many reasons they assumes or so they don’t give any chance to place order to any one , before that they                        accumulate that particular stocks ar market price.

3. If Bid price lower and lower and huge quantity is traded on market price then it is might be the signal of Huge supply have comes and market price will be further down.

In that case some Big hand started selling their holding, and demand decreases and Supply suddenly increases as Balance between Buyers and sellers and Demand -Supply has been affected             and it will further go down.

  4. If Offer quantity suddenly decreases in best five quote box and few times it traded in lower quantity or just slowed down execution rate in offers sections means Now the time has comes to                 change it directions and it will start falling of that particular instruments.

This is happens because Sellers are selling their quantity in market price and placed bid order are getting executed in market price that was queued in systems, but offer placed in limit price             still remained unchanged or slow down executions its clearly denote or sign of falling os stocks price .

5. Similar things happens while buyer are buying in market price therefore in this scenario the situation will be reverse, here executions of Buyers placed bid quantity will be slowed down.

6.  Another important thing is that , if The placed number of order with high quantity is more than BID or offers either side will price move means if offers columns have lots more quantity with            higher numbers of orders are executed then price will be move in higher , but if its slowed down in executions or strangle then price will be fall as many sellers are waiting with their huge                   volume of quantity wanting to sell it off.
And opposite things will be happens if its happens in BID columns,

means price will make more higher high if Bid quantity are waiting with huge number of orders , but price will be fall if bid quantity are executed with huge volume of Bid orders as soon as it           placed then price will be fallen again.

Another few thing to be noted or we should be keep in Mind…

7. If price is crossing Average price and instruments making higher high then it will go further ups.

8. If price is trading bellow Avg price and making lower low then it will create another fresh low or price will be down soon…

9.  Last but not the lest If total Buyers(BID) are more than Total sellers(OFFERS) and price is moving up , then it is uptrend in directions, and might register another fresh new high means price of that particular instruments will be higher from current market price.

And it will be reverse if total number os Buyers (BID) less than Sellers (offers) and price decreasing then it will make lower market price from current price.

Few traditional Strategies based on stocks quotes:-

10.  O=H=L  METHODS:-


When to Buy a stocks ? Open= Low methods or O=L
This O=H=L  or OHL methods are very old and traditional methods of trading.
In exchange Millions of orders are passes through from it in microseconds, in various instruments are being traded within fractions of seconds.

But the Data or Stocks quotes When OPEN= LOW  is seen  then one can goes for Long or Buy those stocks.   As demand increases than Supply imbalance between Demand and supply gets Hampered due to this Price of that particular stocks goes ups.

This type scenarios occurs when stocks gets OVER SOLD or Stocks price stand at Demand Zone or any kind of positive news that drive market sentiments positive and markets participants are
goes long or buy for this particular counter.


IF  price quotes displayed  OPEN=HIGH OR O=H then one can go with that particular stocks or instruments in Short Sell or Sell.
When Open Price is equal to High price of that particular stocks
or instruments means Supply and Demand gets dis balance due to heavy supply means sellers are leaving this counter with selling off at huge volumes .

They assumes that price will fall more.
This type scenarios happens when  market faces huge resistance or Over Brought conditions or any bad news which drive the market in lower sides.

11. Average Price techniques:-

Some times When LTP traded Bellow from Average price One can Go Short or Sell mode  and if   LTP  traded Above Avg price then Once can Go Long or Buy for this particular Stocks.

Stop loss will be Any Support for Long or Buy or From 0.75%  from Avg price or which ever fit for chart.

For short Stop loss will be any nearest resistance level or 0.75% from Avg price or which ever is  suitable on charts.

12. Previous Close techniques :-

This is also works wells.  If Open price above previous close price then one  should wait and watch for it at least 10-15 minutes,  If 10 minutes or 15 minutes candle Close above previous close price once should go for long with Stop loss of bellow Previous close.

In this scenario once can  observe rejections of price of that particular candle in lower frame like 3 minutes – 5 minutes etc.  If Price rejected from Bellow the candle pattern in this scenario will be Hammers and spike of that candle patterns will be from bellow to above rejecting from lower price to push up into higher price.

Before placing trade one should calculate risk and should have to  maintain strict stop loss.
Once should maintain few points buffers in  stop loss while placing orders. some times operators of that particular stocks gets hit previous close and made low few points bellow from previous close and then again they started  accumulations of stocks buy which price go ups.

This is nothing but the just a game operators trapping games,  This is called bull trap,  an integral part of fight between Buyers and sellers , between Retails traders and  Big boys

For short sells once can go for it if LTP price trade bellows  previous day’s close price quite some times opening of the market at least 10-15 minutes. Ensuring that the price not crossing high of previous day close can short from their. Once can take confirmations of candle spike which will be rejected from above  and will from like a shooting star like candle pattern.

For trade with levels you can read this article  Which will help you a lots…..

Intraday Trading – Trading with levels using live Screener

Hope this will be helpful for reading stocks quotes in corrects manners.
Best of luck, Happy and safe trading.

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