Intraday Trading – Trading with levels using live Screener


Hey friends,

Thanks for using this Live Screener. It will hep you to Take trade for selected stocks from NSE india FO  sections.  Before take any trade please keep in mind this is educational purposes only.
I use this tools regularly in my intraday trading.  If you use this tools use at your own risk. If Profit and any financial Loss happens to you it is you who will be responsible for your losses.

So before taking any trade please suggest your financial adviser and do your own analysis too…..
This Intraday strategy in Indian Stocks market will guide to those who do intraday trading in most in sharemarket. Before using this tools please check update data is done before that day or not. Meaning if you use this intraday trading tools you need to check previous data is updated or not.  If data is updated just prior to that trading day you can use it if not then please ignore….
As because some portions of these tools need to update manually.
Thanks and Best wishes for you……


  1. Thanks for sharing the posts. The way you narrated the post is good and understanding. After reading this post I got a clear view of intraday trading with live screener. Please let me know for the upcoming posts


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