Telegram This site can’t be reached on chrome Solved


Those who are using Telegram a lots can feel that Telegram doesn’t opening on chrome browser.
The reason might be lots. May be Jio or some other Telecom Operator like Airtel , Vodafone might banned their IP.

So anyways telegram Doesn’t open on Chrome.  Error that popping up while opening this page is .”This site can’t be reached”.

Telegram This site can't be reached solved
Telegram issue on chrome This site can’t be reached

This is really annoying issue that occurring while opening  on chrome browser.  Those who use telegram a lot on his desktop and prefer to use this chatting platform on chrome really feels horrible.

So without wasting time Lets start the topic.

The solutions of this kind of issues is quite simple. Just need to follow few steps so that you can free from all of this horrible situations.

There is two Solutions of this particular issue. 
One is –  Use VPN one time and Make cache file on chrome and disconnect VPN and use without VPN. 
2ndly – You can use VPN for all the time for opening telegram.

Anyways lets  follow the steps……

STEP – 1 :   Install any VPN that works properly.  We are using Betternet  VPN.  You can use any one as your choice.

STEP-2 :  Now just connect to any sever locations like Australia , UK , Canada etc , change your IP .

Here is complete Video Tutorial for details step by step guide.  You can watch this video for complete reference if there any problems arises following steps.




STEP-3 : Now open your Chrome browser and  type on address bar,   and hit Enter.

STEP- 4 : Voila ,  telegram is working smoothly.

STEP- 5 :  Now disconnect the VPN, and try to opens Telegram without VPN. 

Step-6 : If these methods not work for you,  you can use VPN all the time.

Hope this Article will help you,  

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