Autumn equinox: today day and night will last the same


With leaves in the wind and autumn colors, Google today celebrated the autumn equinox, a special moment in the year in which day and night last the same, except for the poles.

The southern half of the planet enters this Thursday in the fall, at which time the trees are dyed reddish and the streets seem to have natural carpets, which is why today’s doodle is dedicated to the change of season.

The beginning of autumn varies each year according to the duration of the Earth’s orbit around the sun. Although it is known that the Earth takes 365 days to go around the Sun, it is not always the case due to leap years. For this reason, autumn can start on March 19, 20 or 21, depending on each year.

Google Doodle Celebrates the onset of  the spring season -Equinox
Google Doodle Celebrates the onset of the spring season -Equinox

Google has built today’s Google Doodle on Spring Equinox. Celebrating this day, Google has created a flower on the surface of the Earth, which the Earth is seeing. Spring equinox is starting on Thursday. It is the day when both day and night are equal. The word equinox is derived from the Latin language, meaning ‘equal’ and ‘night’. On this day almost everywhere in the world, the time of day and the time of night are equal i.e. 12 hours. 

In addition, Equinix is also used to change the seasons. It is believed that from this day the spring season begins. However, in India, the spring season starts from the day of Vasant Panchami. But it will start from all over the world today. According to the Hindi calendar, Basant Panchami falls on the fifth day of the bright half of Magha month. This is followed by festivals like Mahashivratri and Holi. 

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On the day of Equinox, the sun rises directly from the east and sets directly to the west. For the rest of the year, the sun does not come out of the east. Thus equinox occurs twice a year. One in the month of March and the other in September. March is until Equinox when the sun crosses the celestial equator from south to north — an imaginary line in the sky above the Earth’s equator. While the opposite happens in September. 

Let us know that on this day the Super Warm Moon will also be seen. After this year, Super Moon will be seen in the year 2030. The appearance of a super warm moon on the day of Spring Equinox makes this occasion even more special. However, Google’s doodle is exclusively on Spring Equinox. The moon seen today will be 14 percent larger and 12 percent brighter than the average. This year will be the third time when the super moon will be seen. Before this, the super moon has been seen on 21 January and 19 February.


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